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Postcard from Campbell River

Campbell River is a known as the gateway to northern Vancouver Island. Located on the eastern side of the island, its a picturesque waterfront town whose slightly sleepy exterior hides the fact that its actually home to a host of exciting opportunities to explore British Columbia’s natural world.

Our choice of adventure was an afternoon of whale watching with Discovery Marine Safaris, chosen by our local host because of their commitment to ethical viewing and conservation.  Continue reading Postcard from Campbell River

Postcard from Stanley Park

If you only have an afternoon in Vancouver, Stanley Park is a great place to spend it. The Park is right in the city’s downtown and offers visitors 400 hectares of green space including rainforest, beautiful formal gardens, sports facilities, biking and hiking trails, beaches and the Vancouver Aquarium. In fact, an afternoon isn’t really enough time to do the Park justice.

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Postcard from Seattle Center

The Space Needle is one of the iconic symbols of Seattle and is well known as one of the city’s top tourist attractions – and for good reasons.  What we didn’t know before we began researching our trip is that it is located in an area known as Seattle Center which boasts a range of other attractions, including the stunning Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit.

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Postcard from Pike Place Market

You can’t visit Seattle without spending some time at Pike Place Market. Its a fabulous mix of tourists there to see the fish being thrown (yes, they really do that) and locals, picking up the freshest produce for lunch and dinner. Continue reading Postcard from Pike Place Market