#FIGT17NL – 4 things I learned about myself

figt imageIt’s been just over a week since the closing session of this year’s Families in Global Transition conference (#FIGT17NL) and my return to Texas. It seems like both yesterday and a whole other life time away.

In the week since I got ‘home’, I’ve found myself waking at odd hours of the night. For a while I thought it was jet lag. However, as the week wore on, I realized that my brain was still trying to process everything that I’d experienced at FIGT. I wasn’t waking up because it was breakfast time in Amsterdam. I was waking up because my head was full of ideas to research; books to read; contacts to follow up with; dreams to turn into reality.

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Notes from #FIGT17NL – Day 2

If we spent yesterday talking about community, today’s #FIGT17NL was a tangible demonstration of how that community works.

It started off with a treat for me – two of my favorite bloggers sharing their experiences of building their online tribe through their blogs. And is typical of both Mariam Ottimoiore and Terry Anne Wilson, they generously provided a wealth of resources and support that will enable others far beyond today’s workshop.

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